About Me

About Me

Learn what makes me tick and why you can trust me.


Fitness Writer

With over 12 years of fitness industry experience, I have been the driving creative force behind dozens of fitness articles, training programs, and e-books.

World Traveler

I have traveled to and lived in countries all over the world including Korea, Peru, Germany, and Vietnam. I can share with you the secret hot spots that I learned from locals.

Certified Trainer

With over 12 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer, I’ve gained the knowledge on the best ways to get fit, gain muscle and lose fat while traveling.

Nutrition Specialist

As a certified nutrition specialist, I can provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to make the dietary choices that match your fitness goals, no matter where you are in the world.

I'm James Wanderlust


In a weird Fight Club kinda way, self-sabotage is where Fitness Wanders was born.

No, I didn’t unconsciously set my condo ablaze.
Nope, never started a club for men trying to define what masculinity really is through fist fights and childish vandalism.
And no, I don’t know a former bodybuilder with bitch tits named Bob (although I really wish I did).

What I DID do was self-sabotage every 9 to 5 job I’ve ever held.

Whether it was in an office, on the floor, or in a store, eventually I’d grow tired of the monotony. Soon, my subconscious would get to work with plots and schemes to land me in hot water. I stopped setting H.R. booby traps for myself once I…

A.) Realized that life is too short,
B.) Understood that you should be doing what you love, and
C.) You should do it in the most comical way possible.

I loved writing, exercise, traveling, and being a goofball. Once I united all of those things together, everything else seemed to fall into place. I was calmer, I was happier, and I knew right away that THIS was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. THIS was the birth of Fitness Wanders.

So who am I? I’m James Wanderlust.

  • Over 12 years in the fitness industry
  • NASM certified personal trainer
  • NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist
  • Fitness workshop leader
  • Health and fitness writer 

I’m also a crazy, nerdy, and adventurous travel addict who has traveled throughout 14 countries (and counting) and lived as a local in 3 countries.

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“I’m just a regular guy who has worked his butt off to foot the bill to make this travel dream possible. Most importantly, I want to share my travel fitness tips and tricks with you.

Here’s the thing: Most people think travel and fitness are somehow separate from one another. I want to share with you my personal travel fitness tips, tricks, and hacks to improve your health and travel experience.

You’ll learn the best ways to get fit, gain muscle, and lose fat WHILE you are traveling at home or abroad. And you’ll discover the best travel hacks for an inexpensive, amazing, and memorable travel experience.

I’m James Wanderlust and this is Fitness Wanders.


Workout Plans

Learn scientifically proven exercises for weight loss and muscle building that you can do anywhere in the world.

Travel Guides

Don’t let planning your next trip stress you out. I’ll teach you the best ways to plan effectively to see the best sites and save money.

Lifestyle Advice

Want advice on how to be your own boss, travel full time, and become an official nomad? My lifestyle tips can help you lead a better, more fulfilling life.