Traveling with supplements can improve your travel experience, but which ones should you bring?

Fitness supplements can improve your travel experience, but traveling with supplements doesn’t require you to pack twenty bottles in your suitcase.

There are three supplements that I would recommend for travel, whether you’re staying close to home or traveling abroad. Even if you only bring one of the three with you, it will improve your trip.

ZMA to Boost Your Immune System

Your travel destination will be teeming with new people, new bacteria, new food preparation methods (or lack thereof), and new climate. For your body, this is a battle. If you enter that kind of battle with a weakened immune system, you’ll be spending more time in your hostel room than amongst the historical landmarks of the city. This is one of the most important reasons why traveling with supplements is important.

Take one serving of ZMA on an empty stomach one hour before bed to promote healthy sleep and to boost your immune system. If you use ZMA, I would not recommend taking another supplement with zinc or magnesium in it.

Support Digestion with Digestive Enzymes

Some people can jet set across the globe, eating from street carts and local restaurants with no issues. For the rest of us, some foods can cause serious tummy troubles. Yeah, this is not the most glamorous part of traveling, but the way your body reacts to new foods can, without a doubt, make or break your trip. Case in point: traveler’s sickness.

Traveler’s sickness is a one-two punch as it overtaxes your digestive system while limiting the amount of nutrients you absorb. Traveling with digestive enzyme supplements may improve your digestion and help you avoid traveler’s sickness. Look for a digestive enzyme blend with the following:

  • Amylase breaks down starches
  • Pepsin breaks down proteins
  • Lipases breaks down fats
  • Probiotics support gut flora

Burn Fat with a Thermogenic Supplement

When you’re traveling to new and exotic cultures with tempting food choices, your diet is naturally going to take a back seat from time to time. If your focus is on fat loss and weight management, a thermogenic supplement may help to prevent excess fat gain.

Thermogenic supplements, more commonly called fat burners, are single or blended compounds that can increase your body’s metabolic response and burn more calories. This will come in handy after visiting the night markets in Taiwan or indulging in the chocolate shops in Germany.

Some of the most effective thermogenic ingredients include yohimbe, white willow bark, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper extract.

Use Supplements That Suit Your Needs

I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one on the interwebs. The supplements I’ve recommended are from my own dietary program that I have been taking for years. I travel with supplements because of the benefits I gain from them, which includes improving my travel experiences.

Not a fan of supplements? Want to boost your immune system, avoid traveler’s sickness, and support weight loss naturally? The superfood, garlic is inexpensive, found in every country, and has been proven to provide all three of the benefits mentioned above.

Do You Travel with Supplements?

Which fitness supplements do you take with you? What benefits do you get from using them? Share your supplement routine in the comments below!

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