Write down your goals for traveling more.

How long have you been telling yourself that you’ll travel more when you have the time and money? Are you frustrated because circumstances are holding you back? Are you on a tight budget and looking for the cheapest ways to travel more? Is your busy schedule preventing you from traveling?

If you want to travel more, but your schedule isn’t flexible or if you need to stick to a tight budget, there are plenty of things you can do.

Set Your Travel Goals

The first step toward any accomplishment is to set goals. Once your goals are established, you can begin to plan.

Sit down with a notebook and a pen, jump on your laptop, or set up a whiteboard and write down your goals for traveling more. Be as specific as possible, and make sure you include the following:

  • Where you want to go
  • Why you want to go there
  • When you want to go (approximately)
  • Who you’d like to go with (traveling solo is okay too!)
  • What you want to do there
  • How you want to travel (airplane, bus, train, car)

Plan to Travel More

Spontaneous travel is great if you’re able to do it, but if you are living with a strict schedule and a tight budget, you may need to plan meticulously in order to travel more. Careful planning now will help you save time and money in the future.

When you have some free time, go online and research places to go, things to do, and sights to see. Create a file where you can keep track of your travel goals, the dates you want to travel, and the costs of accommodations, flights, and attractions.

Sacrifice & Save to Travel More

If you’re working within a budget, you’ll need to begin saving in order to travel more, so take a look at your spending habits. Are you spending hard-earned money on things you don’t need, such as dining out and daily trips to a coffee shop? Stop unnecessary spending, be willing to make sacrifices, and stash some money in a savings account dedicated to traveling more.

Travel Smart to Save More Money

You can also look for ways to save money while you’re traveling. For example, if you’re able to travel without much advance notice, there are plenty of last-minute travel deals that you can take advantage of. Here are some other ways to save money while you travel more:

  • Travel during shoulder season and off-season (prices are lower and there are fewer tourists)
  • Go camping or sleep in your car
  • Stay in a hostel and prepare meals in the kitchen
  • Use online networking with fellow travel enthusiasts to find hosts who will let you couch surf
  • Visit friends and family and crash with them
  • Pack light, bring a carry-on, and pay fees online (airports charge up to $50 for a checked bag)
  • Search for free activities (e.g., parks, museums, beaches)
  • Use public transportation
  • Befriend locals for free tour guides

Prepare to Travel More

Having the basics for travel ready at all times allows you to take advantage of sudden opportunities:

  • Don’t get caught without a passport when someone offers you a free last-minute trip to your dream destination.
  • A proper travel backpack and high-quality toiletry bag will save you time and frustration while packing or getting through security at the airport.
  • Get the correct electrical converters so you can charge your phone or tablet in other countries.
  • Bringing the proper currency ahead of time will spare you unnecessary and expensive ATM fees.

Get Connected to Travel Networks

Networking with other travelers can open a new world of travel opportunity. You can get recommendations that you won’t find in online searches or reviews, discover locals-only knowledge about various places, and get ideas for new and future destinations.

Veteran travelers can motivate you and help you find great deals, allowing you to travel more. Best of all, you may find a travel buddy who is just as eager to travel.

Some of the best places to find other travelers would be forums, blogs, and travel-specific Facebook groups.

Travel Locally

Maybe you’re waiting for your passport to arrive or maybe you want to take baby steps before you cross the giant ponds to Europe or Asia. Why not travel locally before seeing the wonders of the world in other countries?

Traveling locally requires less planning and you may be able to do day trips or weekend excursions. It’s often cheaper, allowing you to save more money for that bigger trip while fulfilling your goal of traveling more.

Teach, Volunteer, or Change Careers for Long-Term Travel

If you want to travel more, and I mean a lot more, consider making travel a part of your career:

  • For young people in university, study a profession that requires travel, such as journalism, entertainment, hospitality, aviation, or sales.
  • Around the world, you’ll always find a demand for teachers (especially English teachers), bartenders, and hairdressers.
  • If your job allows you to work remotely (website designer, writer, photographer, etc.) you can earn in your home country’s currency while traveling to countries with a weaker currency.
  • Seek employment within the travel industry as a cruise ship attendant or tour guide.
  • Become a volunteer who travels to other cities or countries with charitable organizations. While you may not earn a paycheck, your expenses will usually be covered, and you’ll get to travel more.

What Will You Change in Order to Travel More?

What are your travel goals? Where do you want to go when you have the first chance to travel more? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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