Are you passionate about exercising and staying fit? Do you love to travel? Are you looking for a way to maintain your healthy lifestyle while traveling? Would you like to get in better physical condition for an upcoming trip? Fitness Wanders is here to help.

What is Travel Fitness?

Travel fitness combines a passion for travel with a dedication to fitness and staying healthy while you’re away from your regular routine and lifestyle. You’ll travel better when you feel your best, which is why fitness and travel are a perfect match.

It’s easy to slip into poor eating habits while traveling. You might even avoid exercise altogether. A lack of exercise and a poor diet can be just as problematic during your travels as they are back home. When you don’t eat nutritious food or make time to exercise, you’re more likely to experience fatigue and mood swings. What’s more, you may never accomplish those ambitious sightseeing plans because you’re too weak or too tired.

If you eat a bunch of junk food and stop exercising, how will you conquer Machu Picchu mountain? Do you think you’ll be able to spend a full day walking the steep streets of Nuremberg if you’re out of shape? Can you really enjoy a jungle trek in the heat of Costa Rica if you haven’t been exercising or eating well?

Travel fitness allows you to continue your exercise and nutrition program when you’re away from home. And Fitness Wanders is here to educate you on which healthy foods to eat and how to maintain your fitness level while you’re having the time of your life abroad.

Fitness Wanders Has the Information You Need

If the country you’re visiting doesn’t have a gym, how will you exercise? How will you know where to find foods that will support your diet in foreign cities? You need help improving strength and endurance for a seven-day hike across Peru; how will you prepare for it?

Fitness Wanders is your guide to nutrition, exercise, and world travel. Whether you want travel-destination articles or free workout videos, Fitness Wanders provides you with everything you need to stay fit and travel well.

Every week, you can look forward to receiving the latest updates on travel fitness including:

  • Advice for getting and staying in shape while traveling.
  • Where to get healthy food and supplements abroad.
  • Travel tips for the best experiences and adventures around the world.

Where is all this travel fitness information coming from?

Get Guidance from a Certified Professional

Hey there. I’m David J. Sautter.

I’m a travel junkie. I’m also certified as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist with over a decade in the fitness industry. I’ve taught workshops and written countless articles and books on fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. Not surprisingly, you’ll usually find me exercising in the local park or perusing the local food markets as soon as I set foot in a new place.

As a traveler, I’ve lived in several countries across Asia and the Americas, and I’ve explored many others. I’ve decided to dedicate my life to traveling and living around the globe while providing you with the best travel fitness information.

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