Make Bodyweight Exercises More Challenging

Want to exercise while traveling but normal bodyweight exercises aren’t providing the same challenge? Here’s how to make bodyweight exercises more challenging.

healthy travel meals

13 Healthy Travel Meals You Can Make in a Hostel

Here are some great ideas for healthy travel meals you can make while on the road. If you’re staying at hostels, these recipes are perfect!

how to get rid of a hangover

How to Get Rid of a Hangover While Traveling

Tired of the same old tips about how to get rid of hangovers while traveling? Here are some new ways to help you make it through your next big trip.

make time to exercise while traveling

How to Make Time to Exercise While Traveling

Not sure how to make time to exercise while traveling? From ditching social media to exercising with friends, it’s easy to prioritize fitness during your trip.

woman running on the beach doing bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere

The Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Want to exercise while traveling but you don’t have access to a gym or fitness equipment? Here are the best bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

traveling personal trainer

How to Become a Traveling Personal Trainer

With online training and global fitness job opportunities, traveling personal trainers can make a comfortable living while seeing the world.

stay fit on a cruise

Stay Fit on a Cruise with These Unusual Activities

Want to stay fit on a cruise? From roller skating to trapeze school, here are some unconventional activities that can help you burn fat and build muscle.

pre workout supplements for travelers

Pre-Workout Supplements for Physically Active Travelers

Popular in weight rooms and fitness classes around the world, pre-workout supplements can also be used by physically active travelers.

weight loss plateau

How to Avoid a Weight-Loss Plateau

Who doesn’t get angry or feel awful when they stop losing weight after weeks of progress? Here’s how to avoid a weight-loss plateau.

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